There is a romance to the road. One of the great American experiences is the long-distance road trip. A full tank of gas and some snacks from the convenience store will put you on to the highway and usher you in to a new adventure where you become a part of history.

One of California’s most beautiful drives is Scenic Highway 88. This route from Stockton to Minden, Nevada, gives the driver an experience reminiscent of Kerouac and other road warriors throughout history. The long route winding through the Sierra Nevada at Carson Pass offers beautiful views and scenic countryside that will make any driver fall in love with vagabond life. The gold mining history of the region will put voyagers in mind of some of the first adventurers who made and lost their fortunes on the California road.

There are a few elements that make for the perfect American road trip. Old-fashioned diners are one aspect of the ideal journey. Another is the lodging visited along the way. This particular route offers the Pioneer Inn. These clean and affordable accommodations will be the perfect end to the day for weary travelers exploring the scenic highway. The Pioneer Inn and Suites will welcome everyone who wants to experience the American road and is looking for a comfortable place to lay their heads. Good lodging is all a part of the highway experience, and Pioneer offers a warm welcome no matter where you are. Contact us to book the road trip of your dreams. Your chance to join the history of the American road awaits.